The “Janis”

Yesterday was the wonderful wedding of Allan & Janis.  The Wondercat Bakery made them a cake…


Such a lovely day!  The bride looked stunning, like a real-life Galadriel; the groom looked equally dashing…such a lovely couple!

So the “Janis”!  Yes, we have named the cake after the bride…it seemed very fitting as the concept was something tall, elegant and sweet.

Janis, Mykie and Finlay-Jack met over tea and biscuits to discuss the cake (and general gossip/chitty-chat); this was the picture that was to be the inspiration for the cake:

We decided to add pillars to give some extra impact and mirror the statuesque beauty of the bride.  Janis also wanted an all white cake; to add some depth we went for a pearly white base with a matt lace effect over the top.  We also thought that having the lace design growing out of the top would make it more special than just plonking on some roses.

The cake was to be a traditional fruit top and bottom tier (Delia inspired fruit cake with the addition of a lovely cognac and a hint of rum) and the middle tier was to be a light vanilla sponge with a berry conserve and vanilla butter cream.

So here’s the result:

I have discovered two great things whilst making the cake:

1) Clay texture moulds!

2) Wendy Collin Sugarcraft Shop! My new favourite place!!!

Here’s the happy couple cutting the cake (bad photography courtesy of Simon…If anyone has better shots PLEASE send them to me!).  Look how stunning they are! Can you believe that the mother of the bride MADE THE DRESS!!!?? It was so beautiful…classic, timeless *swoons*.

So, amazing day all around! Thank you so much to Allan and Jan for inviting us to share their special day…It was wonderful! Wishing you many years of happiness together! xx



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  1. Mykie, You did an amazing job as ever. Well done you!

    Congratulations to both Allan and Janis!

  2. Mykie, this cake was absolutely bloody fantastic. I almost wept when I saw it in person! Thank you so much, we had the best wedding cake ever!
    And it was delicious too!

    • It was such a lovely day! The cake was not half as beautiful as you; you looked absolutely radiant! Can’t wait to hear all about the honeymoon! Xx

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