Jam, Jam, Jam…

We went to the Harvey Nichols Jam Master Class this evening!

Hosted by   (who was adorable BTW) it was a pleasant evening swathed in wafts of sweet, jammy aromas…yum! Clippy made two damn tasty jams for us and talked through the jam making process.  Many jam expert tips were shared along the way *insert “evil laugh of secret knowledge” .mp3* and the class came to a creamy climax with scones as tasty vectors for sampling Clippy’s fresh cooked wares!

So the jams Clippy demonstrated were “Strawberry Petal Fizz”; a decadent, saccharine spread of strawberry, rose petal and champagne; and then “Pimped Cherry Jam” created by HN’s head chef and featured this amazing stuff !

Strawberry Petal Fizz and Pimped Cherry


If I could marry jam I would marry the Strawberry Petal Fizz, Pimped Cherry would be the maid of honour…they were THAT tasty!

A highlight of the evening was meeting the lovely ladies from LOLLICAKES who provided these amazing hand-painted treats…

It's a pot of jam! It's a cake!

Run people! Order yourself some cakes on sticks!!!

Mine is currently sat on the dining table…I am resisting and plan to give it to Simon (as I’ve trashed the kitchen trying to make jam).

SO…as I’ve eluded to, on the way home I felt inspired to get my jam on! I threw caution (and anything I’d learned this evening) to the wind and decided to make a sugar-free banana jam!  Eating low-carb and tracking calories on Daily Burn totally murdered by jam…hence the sugar-free idea!

It doesn’t look the prettiest, but Mykie’s Monkey Mash tastes great!

Mykie's Monkey Mash


I flavoured it with cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon…I don’t think it’ll keep long as I guess it’s usually the sugar that keeps the bugs at bay.  I have three jars full so I think the low-carb thing is totally screwed for the next couple of days!


I’m planning to spend the next few weeks getting my jam on…any ideas on fruits/combinations etc. let me know…if banana was the first thing to pop into my head I shouldn’t be in charge of picking flavours! TO THE JAMMING ROOM!


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  1. This isn’t low carb but a delicious variation from the seychelles and reunion in the Indian ocean: caramelize sugar before adding your banana mash and vanilla and spices, then cook down. It’s earthy and rich.

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