Skepticakes: June Edition

Skeplit-the Great Atheist Picnic…

So today was another instalment of the Greater Manchester Skeptic Society book club; all about New Atheism and books surrounding the topic.

Wondercat Bakery provided Skepticakes and Skeptibiscuits and the delicious Ms Ayesha made a batch of scrumptious brownies made with mayo (we will be pestering for the recipe)! 

We veered off a little bit from traditional flavours…blueberry-cardamom cupcakes with lemon butter cream and a hint of sea-salt.  The thought process went something like: I love lemon and cardamom together and I adore blueberry and lemon together…there is also something about a little salty taste in the mouth that reminds me of summer (I’m talking a tequila slammer…get your minds out the gutter).  I’m not sure if they will become a classic but I think they were tasty (they all got eaten)?!

I played with some colour swirling with the butter cream but as you can see the intensity faded with each cupcake, not sure how I’ll ever get a consistent batch *calls Aquafresh customer questions*.

The Skepitbiscuits were simple enough; a plain shortcake biscuit with chocolate fondant and a touch of raspberry jam.  I mainly wanted to practice script consistency but to be honest it started getting a bit like edible naughty boy lines at school…hey-ho, we all know what practice makes…(actually it really doesn’t)

So, that’s this months Skepticakes done.  It’s “The Secret” next month and Wondercat already has a few ideas!!!


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