Coconut & Blueberry Tart

Dinner at Mr Adam’s abode called for the Wondercat Bakery to whip something up.
We thought we’d throw caution to the wind, nigella to the bookshelf, and free-style a recipe…

It’s basically a pate sucree pastry case filled with a coconut creme patisserie and a blueberry/port compote. It was all finished with a flourish of sweet whipped cream, toasted coconut and some blueberries that had been sprayed gold (flamboyance, meet tart, get acquainted)…I also found some little sprinkles (like micro blueberries) so threw a handful on as well.


It is presented on Si’s birthday plate…a plate from the year he was born with a calendar and birds all over it! Retro-glamour.

So, it looked nice, maybe the lilly was a little over gilded (quite literally), but I didn’t make it with enough time to set…after it was cut there was a slow but steady flow of unctuous creaminess out of the pastry, like a sweet carbohydrate glacier.

I may make something similar again but it definitely needs a tweak or two before it makes another showing.


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  1. Megan Micallef

    Looking forward to seeing the tweaked version. That looks pretty delicious as is though! x

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