Our first commission: The Graduate

So our dear friend Carole asked Wondercat Bakery to make a graduation cake for her daughter Dale.

Dale has just graduated with a 1st class degree!!! CONGRATULATIONS DALE!!!

Here’s a colour version:

As you can see, we went for a blue and gold scheme as in our opinion it looked very “studious/university colours”.

The cake was a light vanilla sponge with a raspberry compote and a pink, raspberry, Swiss-meringue butter cream filling.  The decorations were are crafted from petal paste and hand gilded or glittered.  There is also some freehand piping work that again was hand gilded after drying…

We were generally quite pleased with the finished article…the fondant covered well, we got some nice clean edges and not too much glitter in the wrong places…it’s like walking on a beach but replace sand with glitter in inexplicable places.

The hats were a challenge!  Finding a small head shaped object with a flat top was difficult…then the top bobble of our kitchen roll holder caught my eye!  I think it worked well.

The raspberry S-M butter cream was delightful…so light and buttery and really held on to the raspberry flavour; which was just a cup of fresh blended raspberries…practically a heath food (or so we told ourselves as we shovelled a whole bowl of leftovers into our face holes-so much for carb counting)!

So nothing to do but add a few beauty shots…the graduation hat is belongs to Mykie (he knew it would eventually come in handy!)

We will also work on reducing the excessive use of ellipsis in the next post…  😉


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