The lost recipe of Granny Chadong

So, Simon requested some oat and raisin cookies for work this week…


He’s not asked for a cookie for a long time but fear not, there is always Granny Chadong’s delicious cookie recipe…or is there?!

Granny Chadong’s recipe was the only cookie that made it into my recipe book…this was a big deal, not many recipes were tweaked and poked and perfected enough to get written in IN BIRO!
It should probably be mentioned that there isn’t actually a Granny Chadong…we enjoyed the biscuits so much I invented an imaginary old woman and gave her a portmanteau name from our own surnames…we reverse-birthed a woman for these cookies! They are that special.
Actually, they are not “special” just super comforting, hearty, wholesome goodness…more wool cardigan than sequinned nipple tassel.
I remember them to be surprisingly light for an oat cookie and have a satisfying crispness; I do enjoy a nice chewy cookie but there was something so very pleasing about the crunch…or so I think I recall…

and here’s the plot twist…brace yourselves people…

In my haste to become a techno-baker of the future I ditched my trusty old recipe book and went electronic. I threw the jam-stained, corner-crumpled, summation of my most perfected recipes to the recycling gods before checking, rechecking then checking again that all recipes had been catalogued, backed up on multiple computers, hard drives and on a USB stick destined for the seed bank on the moon…

NOOOOOOO! How could I be so careless? How could I be so rock and roll with my recipes?

This evening was spent trying out a recipe that could be the “square one” of the search deep within the dusty corners of my skull for Granny Chadong’s legacy. Her dying breath spent whispering her oaty secrets in my ear will not have been in vain.

Todays batch were actually very tasty, I found a recipe involving treacle and honey that I know weren’t part of GC’s recipe…could they be competition for my secret family recipe? Will we ever know?


UPDATE: Well, it turns out we might do!!!!

I have found the recipe!!! It turns out I tucked the recipes I hadn’t copied into a cranny in the bookcase!!!! The relief!!!

You know what this means? A cookie head-to-head!
Granny C. Vs Treacle Honey

I’m going to try and remain impartial but I think it’ll be difficult not casting Granny C. in the role of Daniel San.

Pain does not exist in this kitchen!


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  1. “Pain does not exist in this kitchen.” LOVE that!

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