Weekend at the bakery…or the mechanics?

Most weekends involve a spot of baking; this one was no exception…

I was on a bit of a mission this weekend for a number of reasons:

  1. Simon required healthy snacks
  2. I had found a pile of bargain cranberries in Waitrose
Si usually takes some form of biscuit-type snack to work but we’d both prefer him eat healthy, home-made snacks rather than the crap they put in the shop bought things.  So, I rustled up a batch of Treacle & Honey Oat/Raisin Cookies from the other week as I had dough in the freezer (I do like having dough on stand-by, it makes me feel safe and prepared…like having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or a baseball bat under the bed). 
Finlay-Jack liked the cookies too…
On my way around Waitrose I found boxes of frozen cranberries for 29p! BARGAIN! I’m such a squirrel, I love a good forage for provisions…and I have a bushy tail.
But what on Earth can you do with a gazillion frozen cranberries???  They make evil protein fluff, I mean totally disgusting; I thought I’d try this recipe so Si had another snack option: Honey Cranberry Loaf. I switched things up a bit and used almonds instead of walnuts and steal cut oats instead of the quick cooking rubbish.  I also used a bit more oats and cranberries than the recipe suggested-I have A LOT of cranberries to use.
I was a little dubious as who really wants to bite into an atomically sour cranberry in their snack? Me it appears.
Simon took some to work today and he rang me on the way home:
  • M: What did you think of the loaf?
  • S: Was it really healthy?
  • M: Yup, no real sugar or butter…why?
  • S: If it was really healthy make it again, if not, don’t bother.
That pretty much sums it up;  nice for a healthy snack but not worth the calories for an indulgent treat.  I think a toasting and slathering of lemon curd would work wonders (runs to kitchen to see if we have lemon curd…no we don’t).
Check out the atomic cran-bombs:
The bakery was in full swing for two celebration cakes we have on order.
We found out building mechanical thinks like motorcycles out of gum paste is REALLY DIFFICULT! Every thing needs to be moulded, left to dry, assembled, painted…
Angles are hard to get and keep sharp, circles are nigh on impossible, structural integrity is worrying as edible glue is no soldering iron!
I have learned more about mechanics through the medium of sugarcraft than through anything ever before (Daddy will be so proud :$)!  This bike will be drivable when it’s complete (showing my knowledge of vehicles as I’ve been informed you ride a motorbike).
WELCOME TO WONDERCAT MECHANICS! (overseen by a hairless, decapitated Upsy Daisy)
So after a weekend of sugar overload Finlay-Jack was in need of a total recuperation in his basket…

Have a good week everyone, bake long and prosper…




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  1. That cranbread looks fantastic!!

  2. I was going to comment on the baking – noted – awesome. 29p cranberries even more awesome.
    BUT THEN – I saw the cat pictures good god it’s fluffy. I love love love cats!

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