Astrology in the kitchen: Pisces and chips please!

We found this little gem in a used book store!

I will not be terrible and say how silly astrology is…I’ll let this website do it for me: Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy

I may not believe in it but the Scorpio entry did make me most happy!

How do you measure up?! I think Sagittarius and Aries got the worst deal!


Posted on July 29, 2011, in Cupcakes and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Nicola Halliwell

    All Lies!!! As a Capricorn I feel I must be letting the side down with my fussy easting, and preference to feed rather than be fed!

    I do love the book cover design though, very 70’s.

  2. Oh my I’m a scorpio too! AND I love to bake, like really love to…

  3. I’m a skeptic, but as a Libra, caviar and champagne are fine by me.

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