Willow Pool for sweet treats!

I’m writing this from my death bed…I think a bug has me in it’s buggy grip.  I took a total nosedive this evening and have been evacuating from either end…sorry for that.

On Saturday we had scheduled to see Ms Raynos for a catch up. The weather was so delightful we thought we’d go out for an afternoon snack. Where else but Willow Pool Tea Rooms!

Willow Pool is this insane garden centre near Lymm, Cheshire that is part whimsical Victorian salvage yard, part antiques treasure trove and part…acid trip: they have a giant My Little Pony from the Blackpool Illuminations!

They have a tea room and traditionally when we have a guest staying we will ferry them out to Willow Pool for a bite to eat.
Unfortunately I think that popularity has drove down the standard of the fare…
I ordered the “sweet dreams” as I thought “oh, I’ll be good and have something fruity and just pick at the ice cream”.
This is what turned up:

You know the giant teacup pot-plant holders? It’s in one of those! And that drizzle of Baileys on the menu? Let’s talk half a bottle, I had Baileys soup.
It didn’t even taste that great…it was all just cold creamy mush, I think someone else had already eaten it.

What do those pot-plant holders have in the bottom? A HOLE! They had cunningly plugged in with a melted coconut mushroom sweet; Willow Pool, don’t put things in my bowl and expect me to not chow down. If it’s in there, it’s fair game.
Soooooooo, the litre of Baileys drained out of my giant cup, into my giant saucer, then onto the modestly size table. I stand by my resolve that this was in no way my fault…and I didn’t break anything…and technically, I didn’t eat the crockery.

So apart from the new quantity over quality policy, it’s still one of the most wonderful places to visit. Cute waitresses in frilly aprons, mishmash (giant) crockery, quirky little booths…

Go visit! Just maybe stick to the savoury food!


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  1. Oh wow, this place sounds right up my alley. Your description of it is hilarious 🙂 But really, who serves anything in a bowl with a hole in the bottom?! (However, Bailey’s soup is something I could deal with 😉 )

    • The Baileys soup would have been amazing…but I was driving! Yes, there was so much I was worried I’d be over the limit to drive. I’d was probably a good thing it went down the plug hole in my bowl!

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