Upsy Daisy: In the Night Garden cake!

Quiet Please, Tombliboos: Upsy Daisy Wants to Sing!

This cake required The Wondercat Bakery to do a bit of research…

What is an Upsy Daisy? What is the Ninky Nonk? How many things fit in a Pinky Ponk? I think I saw an adult movie that also answered these questions…it may also have been in a garden at night.

"I may be a bit big around the hips but I'm totally working my flower skirt"

So, I curled up on the sofa to watch the five episodes Sky+ had ready for me (I was bored anyway as Mykie no longer lets me play “catch the mouse” on the ipad as I may scratch it…who makes games for cats that involve craws on screens? Who? Whoooo?).

Right then, the Night Garden, it’s a garden…it seems really quite bright in the show…almost daytime??  By episode two I was mesmerised!  Upsy Daisy is a girl/thing that likes to dance and when she’s happy erm, her skirt fills with air?!!!?  In the episode we watched she couldn’t decide whether to play with a ball that bounced into her flower garden (seriously!) or sing a song…decisions, decisions!! A big hugging sesh/love-in with Iggle Piggle was called for (a blue man/blob) which ended in Upsy Daisy stuffing herself into the Ninky Nonk…I kid you not my friend…this happened!

Mykie and I both found this show totally engrossing, Simon didn’t understand how kids could be amused by a programme where nothing at all seems to happen (he didn’t see the gazebo, he would understand if he saw the gazebo).

Anyways, enough Night Garden, more cake…

We built Upsy Daisy out of, check me out, OUR OWN MEXICAN PASTE (we are pronouncing that Mehhhhhh-he-caaaaaan as we are getting down with the lingo).  She was a little fiddly and getting a pose and expression that didn’t border on creepy or just plain inappropriate was tough (her arm kept drooping and ending up with her hand right in her “night garden”).

Can you see my Ninky Nonk?

Flowers were fun to do; hello my new bff: Miss Florist Wire!  The lettering worked well too!  Once again this was all made from scratch including the fondant icing and the modelling pastes…my finger nails are now shades of “old skanky toenail orange” which I believe is OPI’s hot trend for late summer.

my Night Garden is getting a bit overgrown...

Round the side of the cake is a big red one and some fuzzy balls...

Daisy-the redeemer!

What time is the last Pinky Ponk to Manchester?

So much with the innuendo! Sorry folks…we’ll be more adult by next post (maybe)!


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  1. TheVanillaDuck

    This is so sweet! Another Triumph for Wondercat! 🙂 I feel the need to watch this show now ….

  2. That is an incredible creation. Was it for a friend you made it?!

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