Ruby Wedding Cake: Like total 70’s retro cool-city man!

Well that is enough with the 1970’s slang…I had to google it, some of it seems quite recent…think we’re getting like so totally old man(?)!

Da da d daaaaaa da da da daaaaaa

So, Wondercat was asked to make a Ruby wedding anniversary cake; congratulations Sue and John!!!!

The brief was something ruby and white with text and models of the couple in their wedding ensembles!

Devine...want that dress!

*gasp* Which one is the photo? I just don't know? OK technically both photos, one is a photo of a photo (mind=blown)

Check out that wedding outfit!!! A-MAZE-ZING!!! I have totally fallen in love with how iconically 70’s it is! It is a skirt and jacket combo; check out the lines and the structure; check the floral head band…dreamy! I would sooooooo wear this everyday (I wonder if they do it in kitty sizes with a tail hole) and be living the dream!

We were given free reign for the design work which after leaving a rose motif on the drawing board we went for a cascade of blossom, hearts and rubies. Not to blow our own trumpet (parp) but we are really quite pleased with it.

Follow the yellow brick...erm...ruby slipper...erm...I give up, make up your own caption...make sure it involves Dorothy...and a small dog.

check that micro-piping on the flowers! micro-piping, to say.



Secret...that "dash", it's the bottom of a "1". Call me MacGyver.

The figurines were tough. Such teeny tiny pieces of paste to model. Very happy with the bride, her bouquet in particular; but, I think the groom isn’t up to the same level…

Do I need a sword on my wedding day?


As it was a ruby wedding we were going to use a pink butter cream but with white icing (well the palest ivory to make to brides white outfit pop (yes we used the term “pop”(checkout the quotation marks inside brackets inside brackets, how very Inception of us (mind blown)))) it may have shown through like a black bra under a white dress…seriously, do people do this intentionally? Do they leave the house thinking “yes, underwear visible, good to go!”. You may as well just put the bra over the dress and have done with it.

Sorry, where were we? Oh yes, pink icing…we decided to use plain creamy butter icing but SURPRISE! Pink sponge! An almond/vanilla twist on red velvet! We also used our Granny Dot’s home-made blackcurrant jam as the fruit in it looked like dark little rubies (it’s all about the details…no fur coat with out knickers here!)

I'm sure everyone has this shot in their wedding album...why do photographers always want to climb up high? Perv down the brides top me thinks.

I don't think many people have this shot in their photo would be strange, strange and odd, very odd.

I dunno, press a button, slide a slidey thing, stuff happens, photo gets funky.

So, later man…Disco Sucks! (or so we are told)


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