The Vanilla Duck

We have been designing a logo for new blog The Vanilla Duck!


Really cute site with recipes and ideas for gluten/dairy/other stuff free baking.

They have an amazing understanding of the properties of different flours and alternative ingredients which makes it a must for any cake lover with food intolerances!

We may bake some duck cookies as a gift for them! Have a lovely week folks!



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  1. Thank You Wondercat! I feel a Duck & Cat collaboration coming on 😉 xxxxxx

  2. Wow – great logo…
    I know this will sound out the blue now – are you into logo design? I’ve been trying to work out a way for sometime to get a logo made for something… I am not a creative person on the logo front – so would welcome your advice on how to get one?!

  3. oh wow – I may take that offer up! Let me have a little think of sort of brief idea – then I’ll send something over and see if you have any ideas… even some form of ideas may help me!

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