Sally Lunn-Asian Style: Disaster management!

black and white, hides all does cropping half the photo off.


We have been trying to turn around a disaster wrapped in a crisis tied up in a catastrophe this evening…

So, we found this recipe for a Sally Lunn flavoured with cardamom.  A Sally Lunn loaf is some sort of fragrant, sweet bread thing from Bath (thank you Wikipedia) that seemed easy to throw together, just a bit of proving time required.

My friend Janis from who “the Janis” is dedicated is the only other person I know who really likes cardamom so, I thought I’d make her a loaf!

Obstacle the first: to grind cardamom you need to first shell the little blighters! Manicure=ruined

After much shelling and smooshing we got ground cardamom and the baking could continue.  All went well there was stirring and proving and greasing and singing and dancing and running and jumping (I went and worked out in the basement whilst the loaf was rising; by “worked out” I mean “had a private disco to Lady Gaga”).  So about to pop it in the oven final instruction…sprinkle with sugar and cardamom.

I’d worked so hard getting the ground cardamom I wanted to make the most of it…sprinkle was replaced by chuck a load on.  The weight of the sugar and cardamom on top of the floaty light dough made what can be compared to a big ass groove in a leather sofa; we watched in horror as the poor loaf deflated!

Anyways, in the oven it went and our over zealous use of the sugar/cardamom caused another problem: caramelisation and over browning!!! NOOOOO! Why didn’t I sprinkle?! Why didn’t I just put the little remaining cardamom in a nice cup of coffee?!

So out comes the loaf too dark, too crisp with an invisible fat little hobbit sat in the middle of it.

The only solution, turn it upside down (oh, nice and flat and not too brown at all!) and get jiggy with some icing to glam it up a bit.

all gong no dinner I'm afraid!

We originally went with a striped pink and green sugar motif but it looked so bad it got spatula-d off and thrown straight in the trash (fine, some reached my mouth, happy now?).

I don’t know why we went with an Asian theme for a quintessentially English bread but things had got so messed up already why the hell not?

even the woman on the furoshiki has wrinkled up her nose at it...what a bitch.

So, I think it may be a little too dense, a little too crispy, a little too cardamomy (cardamomy, I like that) but I can’t taste it as it is for Jan!

Let’s hope it doesn’t taste too bad…we’ll have to bake her a better one!

get your big face out of my Sally cake for you!

Baking lesson for today:

You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter. 


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  1. You made those flowers and stems? What type of icing is it?

  2. Omigawd! I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you — hopefully your friend, Jan, will like it! I mean, c’mon — it’s waaaaay prettier than any Sally Lunn bread EVER!

  3. It was lovely!!! And gorgeous!!! Like Mykie 😉

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