Book Cakes: Bakespeare? Sorry, I went there.

Really need to stop with the cakey puns…they are so not even close to funny.

Let’s try a Shakespearian cake quote instead (cheers Google University!):

Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale? (Huh? Say what Billy?)

I think I may start hiding cake around the house...

So, this week end the boys are off to Stratford to see the RSC perform “A Midsummer Nights Dream“.  They are very excited as last year the theatre was being refurbished…shiny newness this year!

In honour of the bard, we thought we’d bake something with a literary theme.  So books, bit obvious, but you think of something better! 😉

I wonder if we can modify the "coffee" table...

Also, it’s Simon’s birthday later this month and we are planning to bake him the Necronomicon with Cthulhu tentacles wiggling around it.  Book practising is therefore required…why does that word always hint toward the obvious Freudian slip?  Let’s just say it out loud and get it over with: necrophilia (wah wah :$)

So, a book, just a rectangle right?  Erm, NO!  It got all a bit tricky and there has been screaming, crying and stamping of feet in the Wondercat Bakery…

  • Making a cake look crisp and rectangular: annoying
  • Making a piece of icing look like leather: difficult
  • Binding cake book in icing leather: pass the smelling salts
Getting the leather look involved a bit of trial and error.  I got the texture with…a pleather coaster! Total inspiration! I rolled it gently into the icing et voilà! We soooo need a medal for that stroke o’ genius!

as leathery as Donatella Versace

The colouring was dry brushing with gel food dye:
  • Blue Book= pale blue base, dry brush with royal blue, shadow with navy.
  • Brown Book= khaki base, dry brush with caramel, shadow with dark brown.

in summary; I made a blue one and a brown one.

The piping was all free hand (no stencils or templates here people!).  Happy with the side of “Macbeth”, happy with the “tragedy & comedy”.  Not sooo happy with R&J! The font ended up off centre (ok, maybe I should have planned it out first) so I free-styled some floral work which looks, well, let’s not mince words, shit.

happy face 🙂 sad face 😦

put the piping bag down, step away from the cake...

I said PUT THE BAG DOWN!!! Hearts? Really?

I think I’m going to sit by myself with cake whilst the boys are away (they won’t be on a row boat this year after Mykie called Simon “incompetent” (he did steer them into the river bank)) and totally pretend I’m brushing up on my Shakespeare…

How many times is he going to photograph a book? Many, deal.


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  1. bejesus they’re amazing!!!! never fail to impress 😉

  2. Oh my, they are stunning! Do you work?! Seriously these must take a hell of a lot of time…

  3. I am not… I fly to Ghana this time next week so am selling on my ticket! Very disappointed to miss it but some things have to give sometimes!

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