Today’s the day the teddy bears have their big gay picnic!

We were planning to bake something for pride but really, rainbows…

always gross and tacky and making up 7 colours of icing…no thanks.

So what tenuous gay links could we make with the available cookie cutters in my box of baking tricks?!

We could have gone for butt nekkid gingerbread men…we could have turned a tennis racket into some manly parts?  But we decided to leave the distasteful themes and go for…the cuddliest (and hairiest) of gays…BEARS!!!!!!

So here is my collection of lovable, snugable little gay bear cubs!


a suspicious lack of sandwiches? These are low-carb bears.

Miranda Hart-enough said.

as close to a rainbow as we were prepared to get...

A group of gays posing for a black an white shot...Original.

Now you are just showing off...and making the gay jokes far, far too easy.

Enough to bring out the furry in anyone! ;P


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  1. TheVanillaDuck

    Aw so terribly cute. It would be a shame to eat them! x

  2. i think heather small bear has to be my favourite 🙂

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