La forêt noire: Birthday Cake for Mr Simon!

Simon is 35 on Tuesday but due to our busy schedules (dahhhhhhhhlings) we had birthday cake today!

Exhibit 1: a cake

As we had a lot on this weekend Si let us off the hook as we originally were making a Necronomicon cake for him.  He decided on a forêt noire to save us some time; save us some time!! Don’t think so!

We used the recipe from The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts which involved making:

  • Génoise sponge
  • Creme d’Or
  • Kirsch syrup
  • Cherry compote
  • Creme Chantilly
  • Tempered chocolate

Now let’s rewind back a day to the many hours of whisking, screaming, stamping and bowl licking that made us miss the Manchester Pride Parade! (the licking did help ease the pain)

Let’s come back to the hazy present (please imagine swirly sounds and smoke machine) and finishing the cake with a big fat hangover.  This is why the finished product doesn’t really do justice to the work involved…I cracked the chocolate cup so lost interest, made a shitty pattern with chocolate shards so ended up literally throwing chocolate pieces at it.

Exhibit 2; a multi-nippled breast

Note to self: Always plan final design and don’t scratch your ass with a hand covered in melted chocolate.

So not the prettiest of the cakes we’ve made but it tasted real, real, reeeeeal good!!! (Oh GOD! The carbs! All the carbs!!!! *shouted through face full of cake*)

golden cherry boom boom

Annoyingly, I couldn’t get a good shot of the inside layering, in the one shot I did someone has obviously been indulging in cherries outside their slice zone!

Exhibit 3: pac-man's flamboyant brother: RIP


Exhibit 4: a gaping cherry hole

Exhibit 5: a pussy


Happy Birthday Simon from all at The Wondercat Bakery!!


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