Bettys Harrogate: An exercise in cake titillation

So, the boys went to Harrogate for a couple of days with Mr & Mrs Vanilla Duck for Simon’s birthday…you can’t go to Harrogate and not visit Bettys

But before we review, can we check the wrapping on Si’s present!?!  That star? Just a bit of gold and swarovski crystal embellished fimo we threw together…*takes a bow*

Too pretty to upwrap? He was in there like a hair in a biscuit!

Right, back to Bettys…Like stepping back into another time; a time where rivers of cream ran as far as the eye could see and giant pastries roamed the earth…ok not that time, but how good would that time be??!  Bettys epitomises that early 20th century perfection you see in movies where the well-to-do sit around nibbling on small, sweet things and the riff-raff do, well, less appealing things.

Beautifully decorated, everything is pin-neat and perfect; both formal yet relaxed in atmosphere…this place is my dream come true!

tea anyone?


As we had indulged in a major belly full of goodness at Rudding Park both that morning and the evening before; we had a light bite from the cake trolley (which is wheeled in by a lovely frilly-aproned waitress who describes each delight in crotch-moisteningly decadent detail) and a speciality coffee…hello Jamaica Blue Mountain, old friend, I have missed you.

After nibbling through an exquisite slice of raspberry frangipane tart, whilst stifling totally inappropriate groans of pleasure…I needed a room alone with the tart (:$) we wandered through to…THE SHOP!

Quick! Turn around! Looting is occurring!

Biscuits, cakes, chocolates, teas, coffees, books…if heaven has a gift shop…

I ended up buying the Bettys cookery book (look out for future posts!) and five speciality coffees (the people in the queue behind me were not best pleased with me getting that much coffee ground…that place was buuuuuuuuusy!).

So, I’ll finish with a link to the Summer Menu and a plea to you all to visit as you will L.O.V.E. (dance to the beat of my drum) it!



One more thing…check out their seaside themed cakes!!!!

are they chocolate starfish?

totally itching for a crab

I've ran out/grown tired of aquatic enuendo

because black and white is cool...and you know it.






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