Fantastic Focaccia!

I’m all about bread this week…I have a total yeast infection.

After returning from Harrogate, Bettys cook book in hand, we all snuggled up on the sofa to catch up on The Great British Bake Off (Sky+ what would we do without you?).  It was “Bread Week”, the equivalent to “Make-Over Week” on Americas Next Top Model but with slightly less tears, transvestites and screaming queens…ok, about the same amount…but no Tyra.

As fate, luck, general coincidence (a baking show and a cook book having the same things?! Shock SHOCK) would have it, there was a focaccia recipe in the Bettys book which happened to be the technical bake for the week! We were also planning bolognese for dinner the next day so it was totally time for a focaccia fiesta!

After looking through the Bettys recipe, it didn’t seem to have that much water in it;  If you watched the GBBO you will know that focaccia dough is a sloppy madam; if it is dry and bready Paul Hollywood will smack you down!!

We though it best to abandon Betty and used Mr Hollywood’s recipe! (with the addition of a lil bit o’ rosemary)

Well we are really quite pleased with the results!  A nice even distribution of teeny tiny and big air holes, not bready, nice subtle rosemary taste and a lovely olive oil warmth…happy days!

Paul Hollywood, eat your heart out...we did.

focaccia commin' attcha!

Ooooh! nice big air holes...what a lovely crumb! (quote:Monty Python and the Holy Focaccia)

I know on which side my bread is buttered

Would we have known to use the crazy amount of water and not add extra flour before the GBBO? Erm, no, we would have totally made a big, fat, spongy, bready focaccia and cried when Paul hated it.

Let’s wrap up with a gratuitous shot for the boys…

Mary Berry = hotness


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  1. Check out the holes! Paul Hollywood would be proud!

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