Miss Muffet part I: Cottage cheese? No whey!!

(Why can’t we stop with the terrible puns?)

Who knew you could split milk and do marvellous things with both parts? Not I!

This all got started as we go through so much cottage cheese, around 1kg per day (seriously!). It is the perfect food! High protein (and casein so keeps you full for ages), low calorie, acceptable carbs. You can chuck bits in to make it sweet or savoury, whack it in a lock ‘n’ lock and you have great num nums to take to work!

There must be a way of saving money by making our own, right?

Turns out NO! It is far cheeper and easier to buy! From one of those big 2 1/4 litre plastic milk bottles we got…about 300g curd. The rest was a tonne of liquid whey which at the time we had no clue what to do with. So, about £1.60 for a 600g tub of cottage cheese or £1.40 for milk + 30p for a lemon + about 1/2 hour of hob heating and 30 mins soaking and cooling…you don’t need to be Carol Vorderman to work out it’s not a great saving in anyway!

But! We do suggest making it every once in a while! The finished “cheese” is actually really nice and you can probably do some wonderful things with it (we haven’t played with it yet,  well we did but we pretended we laid a giant egg and ran around clucking). The real reason to make it though is for that useless liquid whey! It turns out it can be used for total greatness!
Intrigued? We’ll tell you all about it in Miss Muffet part II!

Say cheese (sort of)

Home made cottage cheese

  • 2.2l milk
  • 4 tbsp approx lemon juice
  • salt to season to your liking (about 1 tsp)
  1. Heat milk with salt until boiling
  2. Add lemon juice and stir until curdled (looks so gross btw)
  3. Strain into a colander lined with muslin
  4. Pull corners of muslin together and twist to make little cheesy ball bag (you may want to let it cool a bit first!)
  5. Leave to drain and cool

You can just chop the ball up and use it for things. I’m toying with the idea of adding flavourings as part of the making process. We wanted plain old cottage cheese so squished it with a fork and stirred some of the whey liquid back in.

cottage cheese, the Uggs of dairy...not very pretty but so comforting and practical.

Next post will be what to do with the whey…it looks like a massive jar of man fluid (sorry, but it totally does).


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  1. I am going to try and make Lactofree Cottage Cheese! Finaly I can haz a taste of the cottagey goodness! 🙂

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