Home is where the heart is; but not the ingredients! Macgyver Bake!

Mykie’s folks have moved house in the last week so he popped around this evening…

not at all attractive but I'd still have a slice...the Dr Christian of cakes

So, my parents have left my childhood home!  I went around to the old house the other day and got all upset remembering great times…like when mum and I smashed down a big brick fireplace with a sledge hammer when dad was away…and the time I threw a giant stuffed turtle down the stairs and knocked my sister flying through the door…oh the door…the door Kimberley and I shattered a Wily Kit action figure on when we couldn’t find a tennis ball so used the first thing we could find…memories!

I’ve been a little afraid that the new house wouldn’t feel like a family home so I went over today as I knew both my sisters would be there for dinner…

I also thought I’d christen (or since I’m an atheist, have an, erm, naming ceremony?)  the oven and throw something together for dessert…seriously difficult when what little baking supplies that have been brought over are still in boxes;  Here’s what I found:

  • half a small bag of old SR flour
  • a small bag of marshmallows from inside an Easter egg
  • a bag of white chocolate chips
  • a tin of strawberries
  • a box of icing sugar
  • luckily my folks had eggs and butter in the fridge

I found a microwave steamer to use as a mixing bowl and had no kitchen scales…the only baking tins I could find were a shallow frying pan and a loaf tin.

Some how I managed to throw together a white chocolate and marshmallow strawberry upside-down cake with strawberry glaze!

who knew you could take a handful of ingredients and make a scabby brick?

surprisingly nice crumb for a thrown together mess of crap

Not the prettiest but it OMG it was good!  Strawberry and white chocolate are the Brad and Angelina of desserts and marshmallows are the bonus Jolie-Pitt children.

jammy splash down

Today was the first time we have sat down and had a casual weekday meal together in as long as I can remember!  No special occasion, no husbands, just me, my mum, my dad and my sisters…and how we laughed!

I completely forgot how much fun we have just hanging out together as a family!  So, I’m not worried about the new house any more because it’s not what you leave behind that’s important (but saying that, we have left DOZENS of long dead pets buried in the garden…surprise new people!).

happy new home...have a what I call "cake"

I am slightly concerned I may have poisoned everyone as that flour was OLD! 😉


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  1. Check out the juicy jam splash down! Glorious haha


  2. I laughed so much…I can’t remember how that teddy thing go started! Xx

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