Two colour icing/The very hungry caterpillar: the dark side of extreme makeovers

Right then, two colour icing, as defined as Aquafresh, not as good for the teeth but much tastier!

we have many pink things...surprise

Really simple, mix up two batches of butter icing:

  • butter = x
  • icing sugar = 2x
  • milk = x/10
  • flavourings
  • colourings
  1. whisk until light, and fluffy

all Gok'd up

Look at the butterfly, after her extreme makeover from gluttonous green slob to svelte, zippy, glamour-puss everyone told her how great she was looking, how hard she must have worked, how good the new boobs looked…she felt on top of the world. The gastric bypass, the lipo, the veneers, totally worth it!
She got to hang out with all the pretty butterflies, all the celebrities, the flutterati…

She got artsy editorial spreads in glossy magazines to celebrate her total transformation...

is it cake, is it art, is it betcha

With all the praise and compliments it was easy to keep up motivation and resist temptation. But, sooner rather than later, the flashbulbs, the glitz, the interviews with Lorraine Kelly the workout DVD…all went away. She was back to her normal life with her usual problems her usual cravings and habits…and when back to the harsh light of reality; “Is that a cake I see?”

please check the two colour swirl...mighty fine pipe work if we do say so

Well yes, it is a cake. You like cake don’t you? Two colour/flavour icing; do you wonder what that tastes like?

  1. put each colour icing in its own piping bag and snip off the pointy ends
  2. put both piping bags inside another piping bag fitted with a nozzle
  3. practice squeezing on paper until you get both colours flowing
  4. pipe away!

So, does a quick-fix diet, extreme make over work?

Well this is where the very hungry butterfly found herself…

nom nom nom! what a moist sponge, a bite or twelve won't hurt

Right back to her old habits and knee deep in icing…LIFE STYLE CHANGE PEOPLE! THERE IS NO QUICK FIX FOR WIEGHT LOSS!

For two great podcasts on how to change your lifestyle and become a thinner person see FAT 2 FIT RADIO or CUT THE FAT

tomorrow I am totally going to Zumba

I know, right? Going on about a healthy lifestyle on a baking blog in the the middle of a post on icing made entirely of butter and sugar…


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