Jack o’ Lantern Tart…or pumpkinless pumpkin tart?!

Easing ourselves into Halloween treats by baking regular stuff and whacking something seasonal on it…pretty much what all novelty holiday stuff is anyways.

drawing a face on something orange = halloween

Right then…a tart like a pumpkin…but no pumpkin…because pumpkin tastes strange…well it’s OK I guess but no, just no…no squash in my baking just yet.

So what flavour is this? I used some left over dough from the spiderweb cookies so the case is chocolate and hazelnut; the filling is orange with a marmalade glaze…so much more appealing than pumpkin!

candles, spooky book...working the ambiance

To continue with my pumpkin diatribe for a bit longer…it’s not that I don’t like it…I do, it can be scrummy!  But, the thought off scraping out a raw pumpkin or even cracking open a tin of it takes a bit of a mental run up…because raw pumpkin smells of warm farts…like someone has trumped in bed and then shoved your head under the covers…gross.  So I will get to baking with pump-kin…eventually.

pull my finger

So the biscuit case it from this recipe

Orange filling

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 50ml double cream
  • 25ml orange juice
  • 1 tsp orange zest
  • 25g caster sugar

This is such a cheating non-recipe! As I was only making 2 little tarts, I microwaved the cream and orange juice until hot, whisked the rest of the stuff together then added it to the warm orangey cream…then poured it into the blind baked tart shells and baked for about 15 minutes at 160ºC

I finished them with a glaze of warm marmalade and piped a face with chocolate…I don’t know why but it has total gay face…a good few sashays away from scary.

hiya love!

we felt a little bad cutting his big gay face up

 I will admit that the cream could have been smoother…they were little tarts and I was distracted by a bird outside so maybe overcooked the filling slightly…ooops.

But, TBH, chocolate, orange, hazelnut…super nice autumnal flavour combo…maybe a little spice would work well? Ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon etc…my mouth is watering right now.


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  1. Terribley cute! Lil pumpkin face 🙂

  2. Omg! I love its toothy pumpkin grin — it looks perfectly pumpkiny, so I can’t believe you don’t like actual pumpkin!! It’s totally one of the best things about fall… is it the taste, the texture, the smell? The only time I don’t love pumpkin is when I’ve had too much of it! lol

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