The tragic tale of Skeleton Boy and the Halloween cupcakes

Happy Halloween Everyone!

As most people appeared to have done, we celebrated Halloween over the weekend!

Lord and Lady Callister were hosting a Halloween Party so the boys got their fancy-dress on the go!

It was a night of great fun, great company, a great evening all round! But, things tragically ended in the early demise of Skeleton Boy.

Skeleton Boy...alive and kicking

The Wondercat Bakery had provided cupcakes for little monsters to chomp their fangs into…

Battery cakes

We made, chocolate sponge monsters with Amarula butter-cream fur

I think there's a hair in my cake

And, Green lemon sponge zombies with dark chocolate ganache

more simple than scary...the poor things have chocolate brains, I think it shows

So the night progressed wonderfully! Socialising, maybe a little tipple or two?

Diet Slipknot

 Under the surface, two epic battles were being played out…

The forces of good and evil were colliding, it was furry verses slimy…

This is soooo The Warriors 1979! (that's for my Dad!) Warriors! Who are the Warriors?

and, evil NHS armed with their deadly syringes of Jagermeister verses poor Skeletons Boy’s tiny, tiny liver and inability to say no to drink…


Whilst the cake wars ended in stale mate, the battlefield littered with empty, torn cupcake wrappers…Dr Jager and Nurse Meister were totally victorious!

Skeleton Boy defeated!

The limp corpse of Skeleton Boy was carted away and interred in a bed wrapped in towels to protect the bedding from face paint…

R.I.P Skeleton Boy

 Have a great night folks! and thanks once again to Jan and Allan for being such wonderful hosts!


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  1. Omg those little orange fuzz monster cupcakes just gave me a cuteness-induced heart attack!!! How did you do the icing???

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