Gloooooria! Bread rise in excelsis!

Loaf rise merrily on high,

In kitchen the timer’s pinging:

Bread smells wafting through the sky,

On toast I will be binging!

So, yeah, this weekend was about bread and carols…Nom nom nom nom la...nom nom nom la!

After a successful(ish) crumpet run we thought it maybe time to put Gloria Bubble’s leavening powers to the test!…Loaf time!

Really easy recipe just a 1:2:3 ration of Gloria, Liquid (we used liquid whey) and Strong White Flour…and salt (about 0.05 but that totally ruins the pretty ratio).


  • 125g Gloria Bubbles
  • 250ml liquid whey
  • 375g Flour
  • 6.25g Salt
  • We also added a tsp of cumin seeds for some earthy depth (then sprinkled with sea salt and freshly dried thyme to add a lighter, sweeter note (that is douche speak for we scattered shit on).).

    ooh, we do love a savoury sprinkle.

  1. Mix everything and knead for about 10 minutes
  2. Cover and leave somewhere nice and snuggly warm until doubled in size
  3. Knock back and knead for a few minutes
  4. Shape and plonk in a loaf tin
  5. Cover and leave again until doubled in size
  6. Sprinkle with thyme and sea salt and bake 200ºC for 30-35 minutes

We made the loaf over the weekend and left it by the roaring fire to prove.  As it was “Gloria Powered” not those turbo, rock n’ roll, speeding off their tits, fast-action yeasties…it took forever to double in size!  She plodded along obviously taking her time knitting bubbles and wrapping them in ribbon before releasing into the dough…we were concerned we’d pushed her too hard, too fast, to furious, but she came good in the end!

If we’re honest we may have over-proved her second time around; she was taking sooooo long to rise I was going to bake the loaf the next morning…5pm, still little; 6pm, not much happening; 7pm, (like our hung-over eyes) a little puffy; 8pm good to go but a bit late for fresh bread?!  9.30pm, she was bursting from her seams so we had no choice…baking time!

Look at the air-holes! We made them! Oh Dr Frankenstein eat your heart out! My creation was totally more delicious than yours!

what a delightful crumb! *breaks the forth wall a la Miranda Hart*

The other great thing is that Gloria lives! She donates a portion and then goes on her fabulous way! There is no need for a sacrifice to the Baking Gods or to Our Mother Mary (Berry).

The loaf was delightful, light and airy with that lovely sour-dough tang.  The cumin and thyme worked nicely together to make it the perfect accompaniment to a warm stew or soup (we warned Simon just in time as he was about to spread some raspberry jam on a slice!).

toasted with a swipe of butter...hold the jam.

The next job for Gloria is probably a sweet, breakfast bread…exciting…we are very proud mamas’!


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  1. A nice rise there Wondercat!

    Also Ew Cumin and Jam – Oh a fate worse than death! Good Call!

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