Choco-berry Tart: or, what can we throw together with stuff in the kitchen?

Another belated holiday post…we could have gotten away with this one using selective, none festive photos…but no; we will be honest and use the pic with the big ole Christmas tree…

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how belated are your branches

So let’s set the scene *screen goes wavy, twinkly music*

  1. Mr Adam and Mr Jon where coming over for dinner and games (yes, we’re those sort of people)
  2. We are in charge of a dessert (Simon is making tuna meatballs for main)
  3. The kitchen is stuffed so full of holiday food it would make a turkey blush
  4. We were sure we could throw something together with what we had in already (and if we had to endure one more trip to a ridiculously crowded Waitrose, we’d have vomited on the Quick-Scan machine)

Say hello to Choco-berry Tart!

here's something we just threw together *strikes best domestic goddess pose*

For the crust, we had some cookie dough (from the reindeer biscuits) in the freezer. We thawed it,rolled it, baked it, cooled it…then smashed the fuck out of it with a rolling pin…then mixed the crumbs with melted butter and squished it into a tart tin (coffee ground tamper from coffee machine is awesome for this!)

crusty, a bit thick? was actually good balance of crunch to squadge

For the filling, we had been given a jar of “M&S Blackcurrant and Cassis Mousse Base” in a hamper from Granny Dot and Grandpa Mike (such a good hamper! bottle of Quady’s Elysiumin there too!) which you just stirred into whipped cream…Yes, this did fill us with shame and guilt at the thought of using shop bought stuff and passing it off as home baking has us weak at the knee and hyperventilating into a paper bag *gives a sharp look in Lorraine Pascale’s direction*.  It was fine though, better than fine actually, and we would have stopped there, but the guilt, OH THE GUILT! It gnawed at our soul! So we took some port, blackcurrant jam (homemade from the hamper, told you it was an awesome hamper!) and leaf gelatine and ran up a jelly/glaze for the top.

Finally, we shaved some white chocolate over the top, piped some left over cream from the mousse (grabs paper bag) and threw on some blackberries that we dusted with a deep red luster dust and black glitter (another guilt relieving extra step -OUT DAMN SPOT).

guilt numbing decoration


This was going to be a smug “baking just takes a bit of thought and you can find everything you need in the kitchen” post; but who are we trying to kid? It was bloody Christmas! If we couldn’t find shit to throw together some kind of dessert, it would be more surprising!

Tart tasted good through, and the M&S Mousse Base was actually *gags, sits down, swigs gin* damn gorgeous (much to our chagrin…and you still ain’t off the hook Ms. Pascale).

our knife always fooks up the pretty layering *googles "home laser cutter"*

What we will say is that baking doesn’t take a lot of effort or planning. It is something you can do on a whim…keep some butter, flour, sugar, eggs around and you are pretty much good to go!

We think this is the last Christmas post but we’ve seen Creme Eggs and hot cross buns for sale already so we’re not going to make any apologies if a tree pops into a shot in the next few entries.

TTFN love,


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