I’m Finlay-Jack!
Welcome to the Wondercat Bakery!

My human carer Mr Mykie has been mildly obsessed with baking for a good few years now, it’s about time he started documenting some of his creations; the good, the erm…not so good(?) and the down right disgusting!

I’ll be along for the ride to provide an honest commentary on proceedings…

We may include recipes, we may provide them on request; depends on how lazy we get.

If it’s baked, piped, whisked or spangled we’ll be posting about it!

Bake well and prosper,



  1. Finlay-Jack and Mr Mykie – I love your blog and I am so happy to find it!
    Where you based? the 29p gave away the uk bit just always intriuged…

  2. Help needed!!

    Dear Finlay-jack and the wizards at the wondercat bakery. My Fionce has been entered into a bake-off at work and needs a good recipe for a lemon drizzle cake. Please would you post up instructions on how to create one wondercat style??????

    Many thanks


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