Memoirs of a Gay-sha! Another tenuous pride baking connection!

We had a freezer full of cookie dough and a hankering for some sweet, sweet goodness…may as well have another attempt at a Pride themed bake!

Sayuri's a little concerned someone will notice her "plum has already been bitten"...

So, remember the Will and Grace episode where Ousian-the bashful geisha was smashed?? L.O.V.E.D. Blythe Danner in that episode! So in honour of Ouisan, I thought I’d make some “Bashful Geishas”!

I was soon off on a tangent (I entered my bad “memoirs of a geisha” place) and spent the evening prancing around pretending to be Hatsumomo being a total bitch or Sayuri waiting on the bridge for the Chairman *sighs and craves shaved ice*.

When I took a break from the crazy Japanese role-play I realised I didn’t have a geisha cookie cutter (not reeeeeeally a big surprise)!  What to do? *light bulb* We got creative with a circle and a four-point star (what was that you say? genius? oh you! I wouldn’t say geeeenius…but if that’s the word you want to use who am I to stop you?).

So onwards with the show…


Memoirs of a Gay-sha (I totally robbed that from JuJubee from Drag Race Season 2) staring…

Gives great face (and head)

The bitch we all love to love.

Big heart, big face.

The bashful geisha.

So the story begins.  Hatsumomo lays down the law:

To be fair, I wouldn't want a little cretin playing with my shit.

Not content with being a frosty cow, Hatsumomo gets the claws out:

Where do you even get Canisten Combi in pre-war Japan?

Sayuri has a heart to heart with Pumpkin who is far,far too into Americanising herself:

I'm like totally the Kim Kardashian of this tea house.

Meanwhile in New York City: Ouisan senses impending doom:

Whoa! That Grace lady looks like she wants to do me in!

 Like a typical porn film the plot is rather thin and ends in a big group number:

Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine...


Wondercat has grown very attached to the girls so if anyone munches on them we will be pouring bleach on something they love.


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